Korean Canadian Adoptees Association

The Korean Canadian Children’s Association (KCAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Canadian adoptive families with Korean children. John Lim founded this organization after attending a 'Canadopt' summer camp in London, Ontario, 1991.

Currently, there are about 3000 Korean born children adopted to Canadian families. Every year, an average of 100 Korean children are adopted in Canada. Our main goal is connecting the adoptive families to other adoptive families as well as organizing various cultural events focused on embracing Korean culture.

Our most anticipated event of the year is the heritage summer camps in August. Families come together from all across the country to enjoy a weekend away with other adoptive families. Delicious Korean food is served and various Korean cultural events take place during the three day camp. Programs include family games, cooking contests, water-gun fights, dancing, movie, campfire, Q&A with youth speakers and more.

Depending on participation, we also hold motherland tours for adoptive parents and their children to visit Korea in May. In addition, we hold our annual Christmas Dinner Get-together in early December and Korean Lunar New Year celebrations in February. All throughout the year, we hold language classes, cooking classes, Korean drum lessons and more. All adoptive families and prospective parents are welcomed to come to our events. >> See Upcoming Events

KCAA is founded by John Lim who has dedicated his life to volunteering for others. He had inspired us and truly made a difference for both the adoptive families and volunteers who have worked with him.

KCAA is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Each year, we add on more volunteers who come out to help make our events happen. Want to volunteer? Contact us.

To share love and support to all Korean Canadian adoptive families.

Organizing meaningful events for the KCAA families.

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Officers and Staff

President: Vincent Lim

Treasurer: Chris Kim

Chairperson: Rev. David M.H.  Kim

Founder & Honorary President:
The Late John Lim (1940-2008)

Board of Directors:
Young K Cho, Rev. David M. H. Kim, Rev. Grace M. Kim, Mrs. Sunny Kim, Mrs. Myung Sook Lim, Rev. Wan Tae Oh, Sam Park, Professor Nam S. Song, Professor Young Yoo, Rev. John Yoon

Parent Committee:
Chris Early, Kevin Ellis, Lisa Graham, Kevin Grossi, Tony Hum, Stephen Kranabetter, Dan MacDougall, Teresa McReynolds-Huang, Paul Muther, John Pezzak, Julie Reeves, Fernanda Romany, Christine Ross, Janet Shutt

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